Why Automate?

At some point in time, the majority of traders will have a tough time succeeding.  They struggle because they lack methodology, knowledge, or even restraint.  Maybe they lack a proven system.  Or they don't have the stomach to implement their chosen system through good times and bad.  For most new and struggling traders, bad psychology is the #1 hindrance to success.  Ask yourself, have you ever:

How Do We Succeed?

  • faced that sinking feeling after you jumped into the market only to watch your trades immediately turn against you?

Here at LakeshoreATS, we understand.  We have years of trading development experience.  And our development methodology is designed to take the guesswork out of trading.  We specialize in developing intraday and swing trade systems that operate in the largest and most liquid futures markets.  We can be your ally in taking on the markets.

What Can We Provide?

We deliver our results through developing systems that are carefully designed and tested.  An automated trading system (ATS) can take away the psychological risk of trading.  It is a computer program that analyzes the market for buy and sell signals and automatically submits orders to the exchange.  No more entering and exiting on a whim.  No more disregarding the parameters of the system.  


What's more, we can optimize system parameters to take best advantage of market moves while preserving capital.  Best of all, we conduct rigorous live testing of systems to ensure they perform as expected.  No risk of overfitted parameters like you find with many other systems developers.  It's trading discipline at its finest.


Note: Although automated trading can reduce the risk of psychological factors impacting results, there are risks inherent with this mode of trading including but not limited to system outages, market disruptions, market illiquidity, and unanticipated bugs in the software.

  • disregarded your predetermined stop losses then watched the losses mount, and only then exited when you just couldn't handle the pain anymore?

  • watched good trades turn to bad because your desire for just a little more profit got the better of you and you didn't exit at your predetermined target?