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These are uncertain times. Anyone actively trading markets today has some tough questions to grapple with on a regular basis...


 * Why do markets react so positively to bad news now?

 * Are we at the end of a cyclical bull market or at the start of a secular bull?

 * If the market crashes, will I lose my shirt?

 * And if I’m not in the market, will I miss out on another banner year of gains?

 * Are there early warning signals that will help me figure all this out?


The answer is yes. How would you like to know:

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The only economic indicators you need to watch each month to understand if we’re headed for a correction or worse.


The way the relationship between bond prices and equities has been turned on its head.


What one commodity you should track to get an early view of the health of the economy.


How to make sense of statistical indicators like VIX and SKEW.


The two main ways markets react to geopolitical news and how you can reduce your risk even in the scariest of times.


The underutilized tool to get insight into smart money and their actions so you can trade like the pros.


The one simple rule for understanding short term momentum in markets.


How to interpret Advance/Decline lines so you don’t get whipsawed.


Why risk management is the real holy grail of trading.



And much, much more...