Frequently Asked Questions


What software and broker do you use?

We code all our systems in C# using the NinjaTrader platform. Given this, you do need a NinjaTrader license and an account with one of their preferred brokers.  If you need help, we can walk you through the software installation process. NinjaTrader is the most popular automated trading platform among professionals, which provides for robust execution and order handling.


How can I trust that performance will continue in the future?

While there are no guarantees, we have a development methodology that is designed to uncover potential weaknesses in a strategy. We test systems over a multi-year period through bull and corrective cycles and look to track performance with a minimum number of trades in their history dependent on timeframe.


For automated trading, what exactly is required?

​Very simple, you will need to run the NinjaTrader platform on your computer and fund an independent trading account with the futures broker of your choice.  If you require additional training, we can walk you through how to setup the autotrading features and ensure you are ready to start trading immediately.  What's more, we can setup your workspaces and enable the autotrading feature during the training if you need us to.


What is the background of your system developer?

​With an AB in applied math with economics and an MBA in finance, she has worked for many top financial firms in both financial modeling and systems design capacities.  She started her trading career in the grain pits at the CBOT, before moving on to work at a bulge bracket bank and finally at a proprietary trading shop in Chicago.  Her background has afforded her a keen focus on risk management and capital appreciation and she has been developing automated systems for herself and others since 2010.  Her expertise in algorithm development and advanced data sciences techniques has made her the perfect fit for quant/mechanical trading.